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Logistics automation that drives productivity, safety, and sustainability

Increase productivity with human-assisted autonomy

The human-assisted autonomy approach enables one single operator to oversee multiple driverless vehicles simultaneously, which leads to increased productivity compared to manual operations. This approach optimizes resource allocation and drives operational savings.

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Create a safer working environment

Fatalities and incidents are a thing of the past – just like sweating in the cabin during the summer and freezing during the winter. Designed with the highest EU safety standards, FERNRIDE's system combines autonomous driving technology for routine tasks with remote operation for added reliability. The autonomy executes standard operations, while trained operators, working from the comfort and safety of a control center, are available to assist with complex maneuvers and handle unplanned edge cases.

Meet ESG targets with emission-free yard operations

Transition to emission-free yard operations enables your organization to make significant strides towards meeting its ESG goals. By reducing fuel consumption and gradually incorporate zero-emission trucks into your fleet, you can lower your carbon footprint, and total cost of ownership over time through reduced fuel expenses.

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