Enabling driverless logistics through teleoperation

The future of logistics is driverless. Fernride offers logistics customers the end to end integration of driverless vehicles into their processes.

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Our Solution

Seamlessly integrate driverless operations into your logistics processes

Logistics is a tough business. Severe driver shortages, high cost pressures and fluctuating demands are constantly threatening the logistics supply chain. Remote operators are the solution! Fernride is partnering with leading OEMs to enable the remote operation and full automation of driverless fleets - swap body or trailer trucks, forklifts, shuttles, or other vehicles.

Our Benefits

01 | Guaranteed process availability

Our unlimited and flexible workforce of remote operators allows you to dynamically meet peaks and troughs of demands. Fernride offers driving on demand - you only pay for remote operators when you need them, and they are creating value.

02 | Cost efficiency

Our teleoperation solution allows one remote operator to monitor and operate up to 20 vehicles simultaneously, allowing for operative cost benefits of up to 85%. Our remote operators are located in centers all across the world in every time zone, which enables you to boost your vehicle utilization up to 100%.

03 | Reinvention of driver job

Fernride is redefining the job of the driver who will evolve from a 1:1 remote operator to a highly effective fleet manager who assists up to 50 automated vehicles from the comfort of an office.

Multiple vehicles with one teleoperator

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Fernride‘s team of leading experts is driven to make your logistics processes driverless

Software Engineer

Background | I studied physics to understand the world better, then quickly found my way into computer vision and graphics. There is just something about visualization of abstract concepts that I find extremely cool, so I have been pursuing it both academically and professionally for the past 5 years.

Motivation | I started coding because I love to go from ideas to tangible applications. This is precisely what Fernride is doing, but to an ambitious scale.

Co-Founder & CTO

Background | My background is in mechanical engineering where I specialized in development and design, however I always had a large passion for coding. After some time in the automotive industry I pursued a phd in the context of teleoperation and autonomous vehicles. This allowed me to combine my interests but also showed me the relevance of research and the scientifc community.

Motivation | My daily motivation is driven by working with a great team on challenging questions, but in the long run we are trying to improve everyones life with state of the art technology.

Co-Founder & CEO

Background | Before launching FERNRIDE, I specialized in Entrepreneurship and Autonomous Driving at my Masters program at TU Munich and Stanford University. I already started my first company at the age of 16 and scaled it to a successful international business.

Motivation | Building up a Technology Company that will influence the lives of billions of people in an exceptional way by enabling a driverless future for everyone.

Entrepreneur in Residence

Background | I have several years of working experience in Tech-Startups and Scale-ups  with a focus on working at the intersection of business and tech. In my Master’s Program, I specialized on Information Systems Engineering & Entrepreneurship, and published a research paper on the Internet of Things.

Motivation | Working at the cutting edge of technology together with smart and fun people who all believe in the vision of making a driverless future a reality and being able to challenge my own boundaries at a daily basis makes me jump out of bed every morning ready to take on the next challenge.

Co-Founder & COO

Background | I am a mechanical engineer with a  PhD in distributed sensor systems and inventor of several patents. In my research, I always focused on commercializing my findings and after finishing my Postdoc, I have been taking an entrepreneurial path since 2018.

Motivation | Working together with fantastic people in a diverse, world class team, we are solving one of the largest challenges of the automotive and logistics industry with cutting edge technology.

Lead Vehicle Software Engineer

Background | Theoretical computer science and math were my focus at university. Even before completing my degree, I started working on commercial software projects. With more than 10 years of experience in the field - automotive software knowledge, leadership skills and project management are now my most relevant assets.

Motivation | The success of our brave venture is founded on innovative, safe and potent software for teleoperation. Making it happen, striving for excellence and leading others - this is what drives me.

Lead Video Engineer

Background | Started developing video applications  in 2004 for the TV/broadcast industry. Joined Vodafone in 2011 as Video system expert for encoding and streaming. Responsible for Video On Demand encoding platform, Content Delivery Network and End2End video quality delivery.

Motivation | Working with video technologies applied to automotive industry in a startup fast paced environment is really challenging but highly rewarding. With a small team of technical experts in different fields (coming from 10 different countries) we learn from each others and measure our progress every day.

Our Partners

Some of our renowned advisors and investors who believe in Fernride

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