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Automated Production Supply in Manufacturing Facilities

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Improve material flow and reduce manual processes

FERNRIDE's solution for manufacturing environments ensures consistent material movement, optimizes resource allocation, and improves production efficiency. By leveraging this technology and real-time data, this solution enables manufacturers to adapt to changes in production schedules, minimize downtime, and maintain a steady flow of materials. It enables manufacturers to focus on their core activities while ensuring reliable and cost-effective material supply.

Increase material handling efficiency by automating your fleets

Minimized idle time

Keep materials moving on schedule and in line with production demands, reducing idle time and keeping your supply chain efficient.

Reliable operations

Automated tractors deliver consistent performance for uninterrupted production workflows.

Supervised automation

Our autonomous systems integrate human assistance to guarantee flexibility and safety across your site.

Our collaboration with VW Group Logistics

“FERNRIDE's approach to autonomy with human-in-the-loop provides a solution that improves operational efficiency without compromising reliability, paving the way towards full automation in the future.

Thanks to their advanced technology and customer-centric team, which expertly tackles any challenges, the integration into our processes was seamless.”

Tobias Röhricht
Head of Transport Planning for Wolfsburg Volkswagen Factory
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