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Human-Assisted Autonomy

Human-assisted autonomy combines autonomous vehicles that handle routine tasks with remote human oversight and support when needed. This integrated approach enables the safe and scalable adoption of automation in real-world logistics operations.

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100% reliability delivered by human-assisted autonomy

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Reliable Performance: Autonomous Technology Partnered with Human Oversight

Autonomous Terminal Tractors
Drive efficiency with deployment-ready autonomous fleet

FERNRIDE-enabled autonomous vehicles are designed to navigate complex yard environments and withstand harsh weather conditions. The integrated solution combines advanced autonomy stack, redundant systems, fail-safe mechanisms, and state-of-the-art sensors to protect cargo and ensure personnel safety at all times.

operations control center
Ensure operational reliability from Operations Control Center

Operations Control Center is where operators monitor the autonomous system and provide assistance when needed, to ensure reliable operations. This human-in-the-loop approach enables exception handling and seamless integration of autonomous vehicles into live yard 

Management Suite
Centralize fleet control with Management Suite

Management Suite provides a centralized platform for managing your autonomous fleet. Integrated with existing terminal operation systems and yard management systems, it provides operational visibility so fleet managers can make informed decisions and maintain full control over the operations.

Safety sits at the core of our research and development process, shaping our technology and defining our operations. Every component of our solution is rigorously performance-tested in controlled environments with focus on risk assessment and corrective action, collision prevention, and operational reliability.

We commit to safe practices at every stage, ensuring our human-assisted autonomous technology operates as it should in your facility.

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Switch to smarter, greener logistics with our solutions that combine autonomous technology with human oversight.

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