Future Use-Cases

Open Road Trucking

FERNRIDE's autonomous terminal tractor technology can be adapted for automating cargo movements between ports, facilities, and logistics hubs on open roads. These solutions extend the benefits of autonomous yard trucking further, enhancing productivity and efficiency in logistics.

Container Drayage

Container drayage involves automating the transportation of containers between marine terminals at ports and nearby inland terminals, depots or warehouses along repetitive fixed routes.

Multi-Facility Manufacturing Supply

Manufacturing supply chains present an opportunity to automate the delivery of just-in-time/just-in-sequence production materials and components from suppliers to industrial manufacturing sites along predefined routes.


Hub-to-hub transport automates the movement of containers between major logistics hubs and distribution centers over extended distances on high-volume arterial routes.

Accelerating the path to autonomy

Together with leading partners in trucking, technology, research and autobahn infrastructure Fernride joins in the ATLAS-L4 project to bring autonomous level 4 trucks on the road.

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