Yard Shunting

Automated Yard Shunting in Logistics Centers

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Increase yard capacity and reduce operational costs

FERNRIDE's yard shunting solution simplifies trailer and container management, optimizes overall efficiency, and lowers operational expenses. By integrating this technology with existing processes, it helps logistics managers, supply chain executives, and transportation managers improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance safety in their yard operations.

Refine your yard operations through automation

Simple swap body & trailer management

Automate the movement of swap bodies and trailers, reduce risks in manual handling, and maintain a consistent flow of goods.

Fast loading

Improve the process of loading and unloading goods with autonomous technology, ensuring a swift and accurate operation at dock doors.

Proactive safety management

Our autonomy system features advanced safety protocols, continuously monitoring surroundings and enabling immediate remote assistance when needed.

Our cooperation with DB Schenker

“Teleoperation is an important step for us to automate our logistics yards and be ready for the future.”

Christoph Herchenhein
Head of Terminal Handling Europe, DB Schenker
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