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Automated Horizontal Transport in Container Terminals

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Optimize efficiency and safety in mixed-traffic terminals

FERNRIDE's horizontal container transport solution can be integrated into any terminal environment, including greenfield, brownfield, and mixed-traffic settings, without the need to change existing infrastructure. This solution enables one operator to oversee multiple vehicles remotely at the same time, increasing operational efficiency and workplace safety, while reducing manual processes.

Drive terminal automation with a reliable solution

FERNRIDE's autonomous solution for container transport, powered by human-assisted autonomy, optimizes efficiency, reliability, and safety in mixed-traffic terminals. Integrating with existing TOS through FERNRIDE's Management Suite, the system enables autonomous terminal tractors to handle routine tasks alongside traditional equipment, while remote operators supervise and handle exceptions, ensuring seamless and safe operation while increasing productivity.

Data-Driven Optimization

The Management Suite integrates with the TOS (Terminal Operating System), enabling data sharing for dynamic routing and scheduling of vehicles, optimizing operations in real-time.

Integration Without Disruption

FERNRIDE vehicles integrate into existing operations without infrastructure changes, enabling gradual autonomy adoption while ensuring personnel safety.

Stringent Safety Protocols

FERNRIDE's safety system adheres to the highest EU standards, featuring collision avoidance and trained operator assistance, ensuring safety without compromising performance.


HHLA TK Estonia: Driving Efficiency with Autonomous Solutions

”The joint project with FERNRIDE enabled us to test the system directly in HHLA TK Estonia's operations. The implementation has proven itself in daily terminal operations. We really enjoy working together with the FERNRIDE team that always shows a high level of competence and professionalism.

We will continue the good cooperation on how autonomous driving can work in the future."

Riia Sillave
CEO of HHLA TK Estonia
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