January 11, 2024
NEW INSIGHTS: Survey Reveals 67% of Terminals Primed for Automation Evolution – A Glimpse into the Industry’s Future

A global survey conducted by FERNRIDE recently revealed that a staggering 67% of terminal professionals ranked the level of automation in their terminals as “Low” or “Moderate”. This eye-opening report uncovers the gap in the container terminal industry’s automation journey, a sector that is pivotal to the global trade.

To shed light on the current state of automation in these critical hubs, FERNRIDE asked container terminal professionals across EMEA, APAC, and the Americas about the present levels of automation in their terminals and the technology trends they plan to follow. The survey has been conducted among the Port Technology International audience, revealing the main challenges, trends, and opportunities when it comes to the container terminal automation today.

The pressure to adapt and change is the highest today, driven by the recurring challenges faced by the logistics industry and particularly container terminals – such as slim profit margins, labor shortages, new sustainability pressures – and exacerbated by the impact of disruptive events on the global supply chain.

Current State of Automation in Container Terminals and the Main Trends  

Another striking finding is that 62% of the respondents cited high initial costs as the main barrier to implementing automation solutions. This highlights the financial challenges in embracing advanced technology. Moreover, the report illustrates a dual focus in the industry: while striking for efficiency gains through automation, there is also a significant focus on enhancing safety – a concern that resonates deeply in the industry with heavy machinery and complex logistics.  

In the report you will gain insights on:

1. The current levels of automation in container terminals,

2. The automated solutions already delivering operational value,

3. How container terminal professionals at every level feel about autonomous technologies,

4. The emerging trends that will shape technology selection and implementation in container terminals in the future

The full results are now available in our new report The Current State of Automation in Container Terminals and the Trends Shaping its Future: Download your free report copy.

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Join the insightful discussion about this topic in a 1-hour webinar on the 7th of February 2024 on Port Technology International, featuring the industry experts Peter Szelei (FERNRIDE) Oliver Risse (HHLA Next) and Zack Lu (Portwise).

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FERNRIDE offers scalable automation solutions for yard trucking that increase productivity, promote sustainability, and improve worker safety. The company employs a human-assisted autonomy approach, which allows for remote takeovers of trucks when necessary. This ensures seamless integration and reliable operations for logistics operators. With over a decade of research and high-profile customers, including Volkswagen, HHLA, and DB Schenker, FERNRIDE uses cutting-edge technology to address major industry challenges, such as driver shortages and the negative environmental impact of logistics operations. The company was founded by Hendrik Kramer, Maximilian Fisser, and Jean-Michael Georg, and currently has over 130 employees.

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