Nov 15, 2022
FERNRIDE announces international expansion in collaboration with DB Schenker


(15.10.2022) The pioneer of automated logistics, FERNRIDE welcomes a new investor. The global logistics provider DB Schenker invests in the startup FERNRIDE and launches a pilot project for highly automated & electric yard trucking in Tilburg, Netherlands. One teleoperated yard truck will be integrated into the daily business of one of Europe’s most modern warehouses. FERNRIDE’s teleoperation-first approach supports the application of autonomous technologies in DB Schenker’s logistics operations.

Schenker Ventures invests in FERNRIDE thanks to the operational availability of their solution

The gradual autonomy approach combines the benefits of humans and automation in a solution that provides immediate value. Since FERNRIDE’s solution is already deployed by customers today, data sovereignty for yard operations and especially edge cases are being aggregated. The teleoperation solution can be developed in a customer-centric way, while autonomous features are added gradually to improve unit economics.

“FERNRIDE’s competitive advantage in the autonomy market lies within its operational availability. However, it is more than a bridging technology. Excellence in teleoperation enables the application of autonomous technologies in logistics operations by solving technical, legal and safety challenges.” Paulina Banszerus, Head of Venture Capital at Schenker Ventures.

In addition to capital, Schenker Ventures provides the new portfolio company with access to the resources of the parent company.

In a pilot project, DB Schenker integrates a FERNRIDE teleoperated yard truck into its operations in Tilburg, Netherlands

The pilot project is launched to assess operational reliability of the solution and explore future business opportunities together. One teleoperated yard truck will be integrated into the daily business of one of Europe’s most modern warehouses. The remote operation of trucks can contribute to a more flexible and safer workspace for drivers.

"DB Schenker is an industry defining leader in driving innovation, sustainability and automation. We’re not only excited about the pilot project but also about potential joint future business opportunities. This partnership will allow us to quickly scale autonomous, electric trucking together." - Hendrik Kramer, CEO of FERNRIDE.

”The partnership with FERNRIDE will help us to understand the requirements to turn our yards towards high automation. The young company is transforming the way we operate our yards today, redefining the role of drivers and empowering them instead of disrupting them. We look forward to working together with the great team at FERNRIDE. It's an excellent opportunity to learn from each other.” - Sebastian Schuhmann, Head of Global Innovation Portfolio at DB Schenker.

FERNRIDE equips electric trucks with several sensors and cameras. By combining the skills of truck drivers with market-ready autonomous technologies, teleoperation as the first step on the way to full autonomy is the remote control of automated or manual vehicles via the cellular network. It enables human intervention and assistance of the vehicle from afar, meaning the truck drivers can be hundreds of kilometers away, sitting at their desk and driving trucks remotely. A teleoperator receives and sends targeted commands to the vehicle in real-time from a workstation using an accelerator pedal, brake, steering wheel, and joystick, just like a driver in a truck cabin does today. With that, FERNRIDE delivers a successful integration of automated trailer shunting, among other use-cases.


FERNRIDE is the leading platform for autonomous, electric trucking. The company is on the mission of solving two major challenges: a drivers shortage and the huge negative impact of transportation on the environment. With over 10 years of research and high-profile partners, such as Volkswagen, DB Schenker and B/S/H, FERNRIDE is delivering the future of automated logistics today. Their unique approach is gradual autonomy with teleoperation first, allowing truck drivers – known as teleoperators – to fully control the electric trucks without physically sitting in the vehicles.

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