Fernride is solving driver shortage

One of the biggest problems in transportation

The world as we know it is highly dependent on logistics. Yet, the industry is facing a huge problem: a worldwide driver shortage.
In the EU alone, there is currently a shortage of 400,000 drivers.
A situation that could lead to a collapse of the flow of goods.

Reasons for
driver shortage

Tough working conditions  
Low social status
High stress, low pay

FERNRIDE adapts the truck driving profession to the 21st century

Redefining the
truck driver job

With our unique approach of gradual autonomy with teleoperation first, Fernride redefines the job of a trucker, gives it a more positive connotation, offers much safer and attractive conditions, as well as great perspectives.


One teleoperator, several trucks

More productivity and profitability

By combining the technology of teleoperation with autonomous features in electric trucks, one Fernride teleoperator is able to operate several different trucks throughout one day with the ratio of 1:5.

While one truck is being loaded in a distribution center, for instance, the teleoperator can simply switch and remotely access another truck that is ready for departure.

From truck driver to teleoperator

The benefits with FERNRIDE
Office job
Regular shifts
Good working conditions
Competitive salary
Team work
Workplace safety